PianoMusicBox_1 | 2019

for piano and electronics
duration: 11′
première: 04.12.2019 | Chiara Saccone, Daniela Fantechi @ Creatie Festival – Royal Conservatoire Antwerp (BE)

program notes:
PianoMusicBox_1 is a piece for piano and electronics in which the pianist starts by exploring the inner part of the instrument, the soundboard and the strings, using a piezoelectric microphone, as a sort of stethoscope. A noisy and colourful sound-world emerges and gradually moves toward the more familiar piano sound-world – the pianist reaches the keyboard only in the last section of the piece – revealing the subtle and intrinsic relationship built between the instrumental and the electronic sound. Another piezoelectric microphone and two transducers are placed inside the stringboard of the piano, allowing the creation of a closed system, in which both the acoustic instrumental sound and the live-processed one are amplified through the body of the instrument.