Prossimo II | 2018

for double bass and electronics
duration : 9′ *
première: 18.04.2018 | Guts’n’Faders, @ Alte Schmiede, Vienna (Austria)

programme notes

Prossimo II is part of the cycle Sistema di Prossimità. The whole cycle investigates some possibilities of the use of piezoelectric contact microphones. Due to their natural low-fidelity quality, this particular amplification makes sounds closer, giving back a peculiar perception of the sound in the space. Moreover, in these pieces each player has a mobile piezoelectric microphone used to reinterpret some instrumental gestures, such as glissando, tapping, scraping, etc, produced by playing with the microphone directly on the instrument. This use of the piezoelectric microphone, as a sort of stethoscope on the instrument, emphasizes the smallest sounds, which become even more concrete and detailed: the microphone comes to be the instrument to make audible the proximity of the sound creating a different relationship with the material and its perception in the listening process.

*Prossimo II is part of the cycle Sistema di Prossimità. It could be played separately or as the second piece of the cycle.